Our Dear Customers,

We are sad to announce that our business is now closed for good due to the City of Toronto not renewing our lease. Despite all your hard work, over 7000 signatures on the petition, countless media coverage and 100’s of letters, we were not able to convince them that this is a much needed and wanted facility for all citizens of Toronto.

We worked really hard to meet with Councillors, Build Toronto and the Mayor to discuss the driving range but not all were willing to come to the table. We did have a meeting scheduled with the Mayor however he cancelled on us as it was the day after the shootings in Scarborough and we were told he was too busy to meet with us after. Further meetings with Build Toronto and Councillor Crawford confirmed there was no way they would be allowing us to stay on the land we currently occupy.

Build Toronto gave us access to a department within the City that researched other land options on our behalf. Our mandate was that the new land had to be within 10 km of our current location so that we could continue to serve our customer base. We worked really hard with this city employee and found at least 4 potential sites but were not able to get the Councillors for those areas on board. Our contact has told us he is out of options.

Our last day fittingly was Thanksgiving Monday - October 8th. We focused on celebrating the 14 years that we have been able to serve the community. All mini golf proceeds and $2.00 from each bucket went to Variety Village and we were able to write a cheque for $2500.00 at the end of the day. Variety Village is a wonderful local organization that promotes physical fitness and integration and makes a positive difference in the lives of many individuals and families in greater Toronto. They have also been a wonderful customer for many years and are a great example of one of the many types of organizations that have benefitted from the range.

We have loved being part of this community, and have wonderful memories of our time at the Range. We have been blessed to have both amazing customers and an awesome staff and will miss this part of the job the most. We thank you for your support, both over the years and during this last year in our fight to keep a driving range in the City of Toronto. Your efforts, ideas and words of encouragement have been amazing and we leveraged them to the best of our ability.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope you continue to enjoy golf where and when you can. It has been our pleasure to know and serve you.

Kim and Brian


George Henry and Don Murphy are still teaching at the Toronto City Sports Centre indoor dome on Curity, just past the Home Depot. Starting May 9th, 2013, hours are as follows:

Thursday and Friday from 11am to 6pm
Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Give them a call at 416-751-9800 for further information

George Henry 416 698 6235
Don Murphy dont.murphy@sympatico.ca